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Meet Amber

Born and raised in the wilderness of Alaska, a true wild woman with an old soul. Amber is the oldest of six children and the first grandchild born into a large family. Pregnancy, birth and fresh babies were a cornerstone of her life from the start. Amber was fascinated by the innate wisdom of a mother growing life. She recognized great power and transformation in childbirth and reveled in a woman’s ability to fully sustain life from her body. She knew her path would lead to some form of maternal health.

As she embarked on her own journey into motherhood, Amber noticed among her peers, a tone of fear surrounding birth. Very different from the excitement she was used to, more and more Amber heard stories of birth trauma. Mothers who felt helpless in their births, who’s fears were met with plans for intervention, rather than compassion and guidance toward evidence-based research and education. She wondered: Have we lost trust in our bodies? What has stifled our intuition? How do we bring awareness back to our roots and into our womb space? A fire was burning inside her, one of curiosity, wonder and excitement. Amber saw how birth changed the women around her, she listened with compassion and an open heart to mothers who shared their stories. She quickly knew what she had heard was true…birth really matters, and a woman will remember her birth experience, forever. With deep respect for the feminine power, Amber became a professional birth doula. It is her passion to come along side an expectant mother, to support her fully and help to empower her, as she prepares to bloom in birth.